Hollywood Skipa Jac
2013 Perlino Strallion
Sire: Gold N Blue Laico
Dam:Skippers Diamond Dee
5 Panel Negative
Color tested Ee AA CrCr 

Ruger has developed into a well built stud. His first foal crop in 2017 - see the for sale page - turned out to be stocky, good minded and good to work with foals. His second crop are due to start arriving at the end of April. He is very good to work with and hand breeds respectfully. He has been started under saddle and is proving just as good minded in that discipline as well. Nothing phases this guy, not ever noisy lawnmowers right across the fence!

Three Bars (TB) 1940 ches
Chicado V 1950 brown
Custus Rastus (TB) 1946 bay
Miss Skedadle 1950 black
Peppy's Tiller 1958 sorrel
Snuffy Arrow 1945 pal
Sparky Joe Hancock  1946 ches
Cutie Ann n/a
Little Richard 1922 ches
China 1 n/a
Peppy 1934 ches
Butter Beans 37 1937 sorrel
Slick L 1933 dun
Mickey's Sister n/a
Waddy 1940 pal
Lee Mare n/a
Blue Boy Hancock  1973 blue roan
Mary Lee Hancock 1976 ches
Quarters Time 1977 red roan
Blue's Call Gal 1974 black
Limdeck 1963 black 
Hancock's Suzie 1964 dun
Good Music 1963 sorrel
Bunny Zombat 1968 bay
Laico Leo Bar 1972 red roan
Mamie's Jacket 1960 dun
Rocky Jip 1967 sorrel
Slipper Lass 1965 sorrel
Roan Command 1977 red roan
Five Nickels 1975 gray
Thymus Jet 1970 bay
Cheri Vandy 1960 ches
King 1932 bay
Gotcha H 1946 bay
Hollywood Gold 1940 dun
Miss Buggins 86 n/a
Poco Bright Star 1960 sorrel
Crier's Betty 1957 sorrel
Schenk's Major 1960 sorrel
Dun Lou 1954 dun
Doc O'Lena 1967 bay
Red Hot Lightnin 1975 sorrel
Skipa Prince 1975 ches
Little Sister Reed 1978 ches
Baby Rastus 1960 bay
My Te Jet 1972 sorrel
Jettana 1969 bay
Candy Floss 1971 pal
Doc Bar 1956 ches
Poco Lena 1949 bay
Lightnin Bar Jr 1961 sorrel
Red Cherry Red 1967 bay
Skipper's Lad 1952 sorrel 
Pat's Dusty Star 1964 pal
Mr Robin Reed 1962 ches
Time Sister 1967 sorrel
Top Money 1957 brown
Highwood Sal 1961 black
Fitzgerald 1955 dun
Miss Shrimp 1956 dun
Kilo Bar Jack 1966 brown
Star 4 Tammy 1969 sorrel
Bunny's Wimpy 1969 pal
Nancy Delux 1959 ches
​Three Chicks 1959 brown

Skedadle Miss 1963 black

Gold Peppy 1963 pal

Miss Sure Good 1957 brown

Peppy 1934 ches

Miss Snip 1947 sorrel

Dunnie Thomas 1940 dun

Waddy Mae 1949 roan

Robin Leo Hancock 1987 red roan

Sweet Raspberry 1981 red roan

Mr Dark Deck 1975 brown

Music Bunny 1977 brown

Lucky Laico 1978 buckskin

Choke Cherry Mary 1979 sorrel

Roan Command Jr 1985 red roan

Miss Cheri Jet 1976 bay

Easter King 1951 sorrel

Miss Hollywood 1947 pal

Great Pine 1966 sorrel

Jinx Lucy Star 1967 dun

Red Hot Lena 1984 bay

Don't Skipa Reed 1982 ches

Remuda Jet Rastus 1977 bay

Jet Floss 1977 red dun

Doc O'Lena 1967 bay

Red Hot Lightnin 1975 sorrel

Skipa Prince 1975 ches

Little Sister Reed 1978 ches

Top Sailor 1969 ches

Lady Shrimp 1959 dun

Kilo Bar Joe 1973 bay

Trip Flicka Delux 1975 sorrel
Skedadle Chick 1967 black

Miss Sure Gold 1968 pal

Peppy's Tiller 1958 sorrel

Waddy Twist 1961 roan

MJ Red Robin Leo 1993 red roan

Decks Good Bar 1986 black

Laico Leo Joe 1988 buckskin

Delightful Ms Vandy 1991 bay

Hollywood Jac 86 1967 red dun

Miss Doll Pine 1973 ches

Skippin Hot Lena 1992 bay

Tan de Jet 1992 dun

Red Hot Lena 1984 bay

Don't Skipa Reed 1982 ches

Buck Sailor 1977 buckskin

Samantha Delux 1986 sorrel
Gold N Skedadle 1987 buckskin

Sherry Roan 1972 red roan

Blue Bar Robin 1998 blue roan

Vanna Laico 1997 bay

Dolls Union Jac 1986 pal

Skipa Dun Dee 1996 bay

Skippin Hot Lena 1992 bay

Shady Grove 1993 sorrel
Gold N Design 1993 dun

Miss Blue Laico 2004 blue roan

Hollywood Shady Reed 2002 dun

Docs Sisco Lena 2000 bay

Gold N Blue Laico 2008 buckskin

Skippers Diamond Dee 2007 pal