2008 Grullo Stud colt
"Dolls Apache Jac"
AQHA # 5046939
Sire: PQR Nifty Apollo Jac - buckskin HERDA N/N
Dam: Midsummersnightdream - grullo
Born 5:20 a.m. April 20, 2008
Loaded with dun factor and no white
This little guy made an unannounced entrance, 6 days early in the middle of a nasty Alberta spring blizzard, with the temperature at -10 degrees celcius and a wind chill of -22 celcius. We found him when he was struggling out of the rapidly freezing remnants of the sack, about 10 minutes old. Bundled up in a quilt to the barn and rubbed down with towels, and he seems to be doing okay. He figured that since the people dried him off, then maybe they should feed him too. It took a few minutes before we were able to convince him that the big 4-legged thing was really his Mom!
UPDATE. April 22. "Bronson" is doing well after his freezing arrival. The storm lasted until Tuesday morning, but there was still some heavy flurries and 57 km wind the rest of the day. Wainwright had a total of 36 cms of snow.
MAY 8-08. It turns out that Bronson did not come away unscathed from his brush with Old Man Winter. Despite Colin's heroic efforts at warming Bronson's poor frozen ears with his hands and breathing on them, Bronson has lost the tips of both of his ears.
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Ariana and Bronson - 2 days old
12 hours old
Bronson at 3 days old - his first time out of the barn
11 days old
Animal Genetics Inc. tested EE HOMOZYGOUS BLACK 
Bronson will not throw a red foal
He is also nn for the cream gene
May 7/08
Bronson - six weeks old
Bronson at 2 1/2 months old
Three months old
July 29-08