2010 Dunalino filly
AQHA# 5291052
born May 5th 2010
Sire: PQH Nifty Apollo Jac - buckskin
Dam: Midsummersnightdream - grulla

This filly was quite a nice surprise (8 days late!) as we didn't expect a dunalino from Apollo and Ariana. They both carry the red gene and this filly has inherited it from both sides, along with Apollo's cream gene; the last colt these two had together was homozygous for the black gene!  Nice straight filly with a quiet personality.
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14 hours old
Hollywood Jac 86
Miss Doll Pine
Speedy Reb
Alejos Lass
Rocky San
Nui Loa
Buddy Bar Gent
Leo Super Star
Jayhawker Bar Jr
Ko Ko Girl
Montana Baily
My Gal Reed
Lonesome Linda
Rocky Bar Van
Mother Sunday
Dolls Union Jac

Sleek N Speedy

San Loa

Gents Super Star

The Hawkeye

Surprise Pac

JA Bar Levan

Mays Smoky
Dolls Nifty Jac

PQR Black Velvet

Hawkeyes Apache Reed

Mays Bar Blue Smokie
PQR Nifty Apollo Jac

May 15th, 2010
June 22-10