2008 Gray Filly
"Zan Dee Hickory"
AQHA# 5087579
Born 10:15 a.m. May 13/08
Sire: NK Hondo Hickory 005 - Gray
Dam: Barb Dee Bonanza - Chestnut

Another super filly from Old Barb Dee. This filly carries the rabicano gene like her dam and has quite a striking "Coon" tail. A Grandaughter of General Bonanza and Tejons Blue Hickory, a performance earning son of Docs Hickory.
This filly's dam died suddenly on May 15th when the filly was only 2 days old. She has gone to live at VB Stables in Vegreville where she will be well taken care of.
UPDATE- Barbie has a new Mom! Penny, a beautiful cremello mare, lost her foal and was brought into the barn where she took one look at orphan Barbie and instantly claimed her! Barbie wasn't too sure about her new Mom after being bottle fed for several days, but didn't take long to figure out what to do!
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Three hours old
Three hours old
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Penny and Barbie
3 weeks old
Aug 27-08.  Penny is doing a really good job feeding this filly! She is growing tall and beefy
Sept 20-09. 16 months old