AQHA #5106546
Sire: Tyrees Dusty Watch- buckskin-dun
Dam: Miss Par Tyree- buckskin-dun
Arrived from Minnesota September 23 2008
Double bred Zan Parr Bar
Triple bred Watch Joe Jack - Two Eyed Jack
4 x's to Harlan's Tyree
We couldn't be more pleased with this super colt. He is big and very well built, straight, super quiet and a dream to handle. He should mature from 15.1 to 15.3 hands. Thanks so much to Peggy Leyh in Minnesota for selling him to us. 
Update- June 12/09 Indy has tested EE, homozygous for the black gene. He cannot throw a red foal no matter the color of the mare.
Nov-30-09 He has tested D/N for the dun gene.

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Zan Parr Bar
Skip Shot
Watch Tyree
Black Jack's Gypsy
Our Grand Illusion
Ropers Time Bar
Watch Tyree
Black Jack's Gypsy
Zan Parr Bar
Skip Shot
Peppy Creek
Lady San Lee
Watch Joe Jack
Classy Tyree
War Concho
Miss Canal
Zan Parr Sun

Zipaway Gyp

Our Time Bar

Tyree's Honeybee

Zan Parr Sun

Peppy San Lee

Classy Ty

Conchos Lady 010
Zans Dusty Zipper

Watch The Time Moon

Keens Zan Parr

Tys Classy Double
Tyrees Dusty Watch

Miss Par Tyree
Jim and Indy, October 18, 08
Sept 23rd, 08, just arrived from Minnesota
Sept 23rd, 08, just arrived from Minnesota
June 30-09
Nov -09-09
Indy, Nov 9th; 14.3 hh at 18 months old.