2009 Red Dun Filly
"Zans Rosie Pine"
AQHA #5165060
Sire: CM Silver Pine
Dam: RHL Zans Foxy Lady
Born May 3rd.
Sweet little red dun filly, born early Sunday morning, May 3rd. This baby is 2 weeks early but looks good and strong, bouncing around and keeping Mom Maggie running after her. Maggie is a very mild mannered mare and very gentle, we expect this baby will be like her and her full yearling brother Capt Jack Sparrow
Rosie is a very friendly and curious filly who will follow people and nicker for attention.
Sept 09: Rosie is used to having her feet handled and being touched all over and is now halterbroke and doing very well. Please email if you'd like to see more pictures. grullaqh@telus.net
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RHL Zans Foxy Lady
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Rosie, one day old
Rosie, 7 days old
Four months old