• Mares - 2015
We don't plan on having very many mares, just a small, manageable group! So what we have here is all we'll have. All our horses are 5 panel negative
Beautiful red dun mare sired by Zan Jack Two - an own son of Zan Parr Bar. Maggie was broke as a young mare then had babies for the next few years. Maggie was away for 5 years but came home this summer, 2015. We put a month of refresher riding on her in July-Aug of 2015. She has been bred to Hot Country Legend, a homozygous black and dun, 5 panel negative grullo stallion.

Maggie has been tested 5 panel negative

Colin and Maggie, Aug 1st, 2015
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Ruby is another mare who has come home again after 5 years. She was born here in 2003 off one our old grullo foundation mares and sired by Zan Jack Two, an own son of legendary Zan Parr Bar.
 Ruby is very calm and kind, easy to get along with and raises nice babies.

Ruby has tested 5 Panel Negative
Ruby's 2017 buttermilk buckskin filly
Maggie's 2017 buttermilk buckskin dun stud colt