2006 Dun Filly
AQHA #4814183
Sire: Solanos Dry WC
Dam: Mays Bar Blue Smokie
Born 4:15 p.m. May 02
Fancy little grandaughter of Solanos Peppy San.
This poor little girl was born in the howling wind right after a freaky May 2nd snow storm.  July 4/06 Layla is shedding into a beautiful dun on her hind end, while her front is very close to grulla. Super sweet personality, very people oriented; huge hip, nice bone and pretty head.
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Peppy San Badger
Solanos Deb
Dry Doc 17
Freckled Queen
Lonesome Linda
Rocky Bar Van
Mother Sunday
Solanos Peppy San

Dry Tia Maria

JA Bar Levan

Mays Smoky
Solanos Dry WC

Mays Bar Blue Smokie
1 hour old
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One day old
Three weeks old
Three weeks old
Layla Two months old
Layla - July 15/06. Two and a half months old.
Layla - July 15/06. Two and a half months old.
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