2010 Palomino filly
"Dolls Rock Zan"
AQHA# 5288130
Sire: PQR Nifty Apollo Jac
Dam: Zans Rockafilly
born May 17th, 2010

Ruby foaled a very nice palomino filly, quite stunning with a blaze face and high left front white stocking and rear right stocking. This is her first foal, she was 6 days late, but has done a good job. She is very good with us and the foal.
Aug 21. Trixie is a friendly little thing, not as pushy as one or two of the others, and appears to be very quiet.
Hollywood Jac 96
Miss Doll Pine
Speedy Reb
Alejos Lass 124
Rocky San
Nui Loa
Buddy Bar Gent
Leo Super Star
Par Three
Terry's Pal
Two Eyed Jack
Miss Candy Gain
Rocky Breeze
Pouce Gal
Rocky Bar Van
Mother Sunday
Dolls Union Jac

Sleek N Speedy

San Loa

Gents Super Star

Zan Parr Bar

Four Jacks High

Breezy Rock

Mays Smoky
Dolls Nifty Jac

Pqr Black Velvet

Zan Jack Two

Scukum Blue
PQR Nifty Apollo Jac

Zans Rockafilly
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June 22-10
3 months old
3 months old
SOLD! Trixie is going to Sherwood Park along with Harley's Little Guy and where Rosie already resides.