2008 Grulla Filly
"Pines Silver Angel"
AQHA # 5046635
Sire: CM Silver Pine - grullo. HERDA N/N
Dam: Scukum Blue - grulla
Born 5a.m. April 30th, 2008
UPDATE MAY 19th: Animal Genetics Inc tested Angel EE Homozygous Black
She will not throw a red foal no matter the color of the sire.
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Along with some rainy spring weather comes another foal. Scukum foaled a lovely filly at 5 a.m. April 30th, six days early and after waxing for 8 days. This is the first foal from our grullo stallion "Ogre".
May 02/08 Angel loves to run and her Mom is busy trying to keep up to all her moves.
Super friendly and quiet filly, very athletic and always on the go. Looks like Angel is going to be tall like her dam.
2 hours old
One day old
Two days old
Two days old
Angel 2 months old
Angel - August 11, Just over three months old
May 25/10