2009 Grulla Filly
"Pines Silver Breeze"
AQHA# 5166364
born at 7:25a.m May 9th
Sire: CM Silver Pine (HERDA N/N) Grullo
Dam: Scukum Blue Grulla
Finally arriving 4 days overdue, and after Scukum waxed and dripped for 9 days, she foaled a long legged and straight filly, who is going to be tall like her full sister "Pines Silver Angel", who is also homozygous black. Her dam, Scukum, has never thrown a foal that has not had black dun factor, so we suspect she is homozygous for the dun gene also. This filly has only a very small star for white markings.
UPDATE June-30-09: Breezy has tested EE, Homozygous for the black gene.
DN for the dun gene.
Barry Pine
Holly Bow
Chocolate San
Tippy Oak Too
Barry Pine
Diamond Isle
Mr Beau Socks
Joy's Poco
Rocky Cindy
Bobby Burnett
San Josie
Blackburn Lad
My Van Bar
Breezy Rock
Juana Duchess.
Pine Jinx

Chocolate Oak Too

Paprika Pine

Rose Poco Socks

Rocky Breeze

Pouce gal

Rocky Bar Van

Mother Sunday
Pine Oak Bow

Zodie Zell

Breezy Rock

Mays Smoky
CM Silver Pine

Scukum Blue
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One day old
Sept -07 - 09
Breezy, 18 months old and Donna. Nov 1st '10